sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

...ignition begins with a single matchstick

Countdown to Ignition: 3, 2, 1...............

Countdown to ignition...

...ignition begins with a single matchstick.

Violently we move forward to a dead end. All we humans have no sense how fast are we running on a highway to self-extinction...I would say, a chronicle of a death foretold. Is there a gentle wind in which can fix what we have burned down? Who knows? Perhaps, each one of us has the solution to save this outstanding sphere.



I can be sure, neither a gentle wind nor a messiah can get rid of our wrong actions.What does “have sense” mean? We have this unique and solely “Orbis Terrarum” and there's no land beyond our atmosphere! We are living in a magnificent creation managed by our uncontrollable progress, like a burning matchstick extinguishing in an exothermic reaction. This energy cannot be controlled without sense, a sense that can turn this world into a better place to be......

a flame is extinguished; but our love will last forever into another form

From the set: Around my environment!


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